Lakeland Trails Keswick 15k 2019

Free race photo from Lakeland Trails - see the tiny dots across the right - runners behind me! Well I had something to prove with this run.   I’d entered for the first time in 2018 and had found it hard, but enjoyed, up to the point of falling with about a mile to go and... Continue Reading →


Life has certainly thrown some swerve balls this way in the last few months ! My absence here has not been intentional, it has just been lower down the list of priorities that seems to get bigger each day. At the end of last year there had been changes at work following redundancies – well... Continue Reading →

Humber Bridge Half Marathon

Sunday morning, alarm set for 6am..... Haven’t run since Tuesday so the legs should be fresh..... On a thankfully cooler morning we were up, dressed, stuff grabbed together and in the car by 7am.  Not feeling prepared at all! I’m sure there is a bit of slightly hysterical humour on a morning such as this,... Continue Reading →

Dalby No Ego Headtorch run

Saturday 28th January 2017 found me, along with a large contingent of my club mates turn up at the Dalby Forest visitors centre in preparation for a 5 mile run, in the dark, in the mud, through Dalby Forest... I had mixed feelings about this run, I knew it would be hilly and muddy therefore... Continue Reading →

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