2020 Training Plan

Have we all settled into the new year routines yet? No chance for me! It was the same this time last year, both of us away with work several times, a couple of weekends away already and I may have decided to strip out the downstairs loo so evenings have been spent plumbing and tiling!... Continue Reading →

Cross training

Where are the weeks disappearing to?! I’ve been aiming to get out on my push bike for weeks as a form of cross training.  Yesterday was the first day that I managed it. The only cross training (if you can even class it as training) that I do is walking and the odd bit of... Continue Reading →

Rain, rain go away

Note to self.......  if it is raining, plait hair don’t just put it in a pony tail ! Anyone else having problems with the weather recently?  Last night was club run and it rained.  And rained.  And rained !  The route was part off road, including long grass, nettles and mud, and lots of puddles. ... Continue Reading →

When the plan doesn’t go to plan

I’m cross.  I’m angry.  With me, with my body.  The sensible part of my brain tells me that I shouldn’t be, and this is just one of those things but the part of me that likes to follow a plan – and complete everything on that plan – just won’t let go! After my lovely... Continue Reading →

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