At last, a run that felt good.

At last, a run that felt good. A run where I finally felt like I was getting back towards where I was before falling and injuring my quad. Morning runs are good, it suits me. 7am Tuesday morning, dressed, a quick drink of water to take my morning meds and then find the waist belt... Continue Reading →

Dealing with injury

25 days ago I fell, injuring my quad and giving myself a few bruises. I have been trying to build strength and stretch my quad, building up to being able to put my full weight on the leg and managing some squats. Walking is getting better though not quite back to normal. It’s not exactly... Continue Reading →

April round up

April: Total miles:  77.03 miles Number of runs: 15 Races: 1   I’ve finished April feeling very, very frustrated with my running.  My leg is still really bothering me when running, but seems to be find otherwise.  I’m hoping that this is a good sign and that it is on the mend. Unrelated to running,... Continue Reading →

up and down

It has been an up and down few weeks – just when I think I’m making progress with my leg I’m put right back at square one. My car was in the garage for MOT, so I decided to take the opportunity to run somewhere different whilst waiting for the car to be ready.  The... Continue Reading →

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