5k timed effort and sad times

I’ve struggled over the last few weeks. Not particularly with running, but everything else including the pressure of making sure others are OK for a very different Christmas. The training plan. I completed the plan, and added an extra week on to the end with a few more sessions. Each week had an interval run,... Continue Reading →

Lakeland Trails Coniston 15k Trail Challenge

At last we were heading back over to the Lakes. I’ve been dealing with the whole Covid issue with trying not to think about it too much, trying not to think about what we are missing, what we would like to be doing if we could… but in the van, driving over, seeing the scenery... Continue Reading →

Meet Slob

I am VERY excited to share our new purchase. Last year every trip that we had planned for running meant that we camped. I don’t mind camping, and we’d bought a tent off a friend and had everything that we needed. But... My husband really isn’t keen. And I can’t say that he hasn’t given... Continue Reading →

Decathlon Running pack review

For a long time I’ve run my longer runs with a Camelbak that I received as a free gift when subscribing to Runner’s World Magazine.  It was absolutely fine as a hydration pack, but it lacked any real storage. There was a tiny pocket that I could get a snack bar and some tissues in... Continue Reading →

Lakeland Trails Keswick 15k 2019

Free race photo from Lakeland Trails - see the tiny dots across the right - runners behind me! Well I had something to prove with this run.   I’d entered for the first time in 2018 and had found it hard, but enjoyed, up to the point of falling with about a mile to go and... Continue Reading →

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