Not going to plan

Well it isn’t really going to plan at the moment ! As a result of not feeling great, I haven’t run as much as the plan says I should have done. But I'm trying not to beat myself up about it, rather make plans to improve. I’ve just had some blood tests done, am now... Continue Reading →

London Adventures – Green Park

Finally getting round to sharing the ramblings that happen when you are stuck on the train! I’m currently sat on a train, which has been diverted resulting in a delay in getting to the final destination of at least an hour. At least that gives me an opportunity to write about this morning’s run. I... Continue Reading →

February training & Wokit review

I’m just about keeping up with my target! Although the miles run looks low, for a short month I don’t think this is too bad. I still want to try and increase the average miles per run (this month 4.59miles) – I think this will come with lighter nights and better weather! Miles: 73.51 Number... Continue Reading →

London Adventures

Back in London with work for a couple of days I was looking for a different route to do. Based on Fleet Street, and fitting it in in the morning before work it needed to be close by and not too long. Looking at the map I realised Buckingham Palace wasn’t far away (who knew... Continue Reading →

Running around London

AS I now need to travel to London fairly regularly for work, I need to find a way of keeping up with my regular runs, even when I’m away. So last week I included my running gear in my packing and decided that I’d get up early on my first morning and head out for... Continue Reading →

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