A change of routine

It has been a busy but good few weeks, both running and life. I’m very grateful that this has been the case and know that isn’t the same for lots of people. I am still following the plan, and am currently on week 8, which is supposed to be the last week. However I have... Continue Reading →

Saucony Peregrine 10 Review

SAUCONY PEREGRINE 10 WOMEN'S TRAIL RUNNING SHOES - AW20 Saucony Peregrine 10 - AW20 My very first pair of proper running shoes were trail shoes as when I started running I ran the vast majority off road. That first pair were Saucony Peregrines and I wore them for years before finally admitting that they weren’t... Continue Reading →

Whoop whoop!!! I finally had a good run!

I’ve felt for quite a long while that I’m just slogging away with my running, that each run is fairly hard work – legs aching, feet aching, tired......  just taking more effort than it should do.  I’ve had periods like this before and feel that I just have to stick it out and it will... Continue Reading →

Mulgrave Castle 10k

It’s been a busy few weeks!  Since my last post I made it to that track session, and I’m heading out this evening for my second one (and the teenager is joining us again!); I have run three 10k’s, a couple of parkruns and one early morning 5k on my own. The first of the... Continue Reading →

Beverley 10k race report.

Wow!  It was hot !  not something I expected to be saying about a race in the North of England in May. Sunday was the Beverley 10k – first time I’ve entered this race so it was all new to me.   The start is alongside the Minster and the route winds through the town centre... Continue Reading →

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