February round up

I love to know what other people are doing training wise – how many miles / how many runs etc (maybe I'm just nosy!), so thought I’d put a quick round up of my month here. February: Total miles:  79.6 miles Number of runs: 16 Races: 1 Compared to last feb that is 3 extra... Continue Reading →

Sunshine, wind, rain & snow!

Well I’m definitely trying to get into the mindset of onwards and upwards!    The beginning of 2016 has started off as hectic as 2015 ended – I wonder if we will get a slightly quieter period to catch our breath a bit? So how is the training going?  Well it had been OK, but then... Continue Reading →

One step…..

So, I’m a little bit in limbo with my running and have decided to write this as a way of forming my thoughts into hopefully a little bit of a more cohesive thread!  Read the about me page to catch up with my running story so far and to see how I’ve got to this... Continue Reading →

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