Forest & Moors 10k

I haven't done the Forest & Moors 10k before, nor heard much about it.  But the club social team had put this down as one of our events (with picnic afterwards) so we thought it would be a really good one to join in with.   This was our first club event since before Covid.  It... Continue Reading →

Top of the Wolds 10k Challenge

This is a race report with a difference……. I wasn’t running it. Top of the Wolds 10k is the race my club hosts, this year was just its second year. I have marshalled at a few other races but being more involved shows you just what is needed to put on a race like this.... Continue Reading →

A special event

If you have come here expecting a blog post about running, just bare with me, I will get there eventually 😉 Thursday 20th July.  The first of a few days off work.  Pouring with rain!  So what is a girl to do, but go and get married! A few months ago we’d got engaged and... Continue Reading →

Dalby No Ego Headtorch run

Saturday 28th January 2017 found me, along with a large contingent of my club mates turn up at the Dalby Forest visitors centre in preparation for a 5 mile run, in the dark, in the mud, through Dalby Forest... I had mixed feelings about this run, I knew it would be hilly and muddy therefore... Continue Reading →

Bawtry Forest Trail Race

Why are we doing this?  Was the question asked on Sunday morning when we were heading out for an 80 minute drive to a race we knew very little about.  Is that a bit far to be going? After all, this is just a hobby, we aren't going to be winning races...... Entry for this... Continue Reading →

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