Summer running

Time flies!   Can’t believe it has been a month since I wrote on here. There has been lots of good running.  And I’m using Good in the definition of fun, enjoyable, social, not just fast !  I’m happy when fast happens, but it isn’t the only thing that makes a run good. My seven year... Continue Reading →

Walkington 10k and running the trails

Phew, what a few weeks! In my last post I was asking for tips on how to deal with the rain, and today it is how to deal with the heat!  Typical British weather then....... It has been a very busy few weeks, both for running and the rest of life.  I’m consistently running at... Continue Reading →

Rows and long runs

Well what a week. I really found that last week’s bad long run had knocked my confidence.   I very nearly didn’t go to club run on Tuesday night – my OH was away so it meant going on my own so I could very easily have not bothered.  But a bit of a stern talking... Continue Reading →

Sunshine, wind, rain & snow!

Well I’m definitely trying to get into the mindset of onwards and upwards!    The beginning of 2016 has started off as hectic as 2015 ended – I wonder if we will get a slightly quieter period to catch our breath a bit? So how is the training going?  Well it had been OK, but then... Continue Reading →

An odd week

Well it has been an odd week or two.....  school holidays always make the routine fall apart and add to that being really busy at work and the plan doesn’t go to plan! I’ve had my first visit to a sports physio – nothing dramatically wrong, but I’ve been experiencing tightness and a bit of... Continue Reading →

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