Shock Absorber Sports Bra Review

Back at the beginning of the year I contacted Shock Absorber about three ultimate run bras that I had that all seemed to have developed faults – stitching coming away, shrinking, hooks coming out – and they asked me to return them to have a look. It has taken a little sorting out but Shock... Continue Reading →

Another week done

Urrggghhh !!!  Still not clear of the lurgy.  Thought I was Ok after last weekend, but Tuesday’s club run – 5.5 miles at a very steady pace, seemed to knock me again and after a shower I went straight to bed – couldn't face anything to eat or drink so I missed my evening meal. ... Continue Reading →

So I did it !

I’ve joined a running club.  First time I’ve ever joined a club (quite sad really).  The first run I joined was a head torch run – which meant I needed to go and buy a head torch.  I’m pretty sure that this torch will be well used so worth getting, but it got me thinking... Continue Reading →

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