Training catch up & Walkington 10k

June Training Miles: 100.34 Number of runs: 20 Average Pace: 09:38 min / mile Races: 0 July Training Miles: 86.39 Number of runs: 18 Average Pace: 09:36 min / mile Races: 1 (Walkington) Total Miles for 2019 so far = 579 Well I’m kind of on target for 1000 miles in the year. Although I... Continue Reading →

March Training & a fab parkrun!

March training totals Miles: 91.82 Number of runs: 18 Average Pace: 09:54 min / mile Races: 2 Hull parkrun lap 1 March has been a good month! An excellent mileage month and I’m on target for my aim of 1000 miles in the year. I had a great run at Dalton Dash, I’ve run parkrun... Continue Reading →

February training & Wokit review

I’m just about keeping up with my target! Although the miles run looks low, for a short month I don’t think this is too bad. I still want to try and increase the average miles per run (this month 4.59miles) – I think this will come with lighter nights and better weather! Miles: 73.51 Number... Continue Reading →

Trials and trails of summer

It’s been a while since I’ve updated, so what have I been up to? As I’m sure many of you find, summer is quite hard to stick to routine. I’m way behind on my target miles for the year due to other things in life getting in the way but for the last month or... Continue Reading →

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