Running around London

AS I now need to travel to London fairly regularly for work, I need to find a way of keeping up with my regular runs, even when I’m away. So last week I included my running gear in my packing and decided that I’d get up early on my first morning and head out for... Continue Reading →

Our adventures in Windermere

It has taken me a few weeks to write this blog post – I kept starting and then having to go off and do something else. Finally have managed to put something together to share with you about a fab few days away. We’d taken the scary decision that our son is old enough to... Continue Reading →

Home bird

so I find myself in a hotel room, on my own, in London. Whilst this might seem exciting for the girl from Yorkshire, actually all I want is my own bed, my familiar surroundings, my husband and my son. I feel that we are conditioned to think that the bright lights of the city is... Continue Reading →

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