Running after Covid

I didn’t have covid particularly badly, in fact I’d say it was pretty mild. But the effects, particularly for running, have been long lasting. I do feel like I’m making progress now, but it has been frustrating! Covid in November 21, just about managed to pick up running a little bit in January - still... Continue Reading →

Walkington 10k and running the trails

Phew, what a few weeks! In my last post I was asking for tips on how to deal with the rain, and today it is how to deal with the heat!  Typical British weather then....... It has been a very busy few weeks, both for running and the rest of life.  I’m consistently running at... Continue Reading →

Rain, rain go away

Note to self.......  if it is raining, plait hair don’t just put it in a pony tail ! Anyone else having problems with the weather recently?  Last night was club run and it rained.  And rained.  And rained !  The route was part off road, including long grass, nettles and mud, and lots of puddles. ... Continue Reading →

Mulgrave Castle 10k

It’s been a busy few weeks!  Since my last post I made it to that track session, and I’m heading out this evening for my second one (and the teenager is joining us again!); I have run three 10k’s, a couple of parkruns and one early morning 5k on my own. The first of the... Continue Reading →

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