So am I recovered?

It’s already November, not quite sure how that happened!  It has been a couple of weeks since the half marathon (that I still can’t quite believe I’ve done).

I waited until the Thursday before heading out for a short run, and have been out quite a few times since, but not for very long runs.  I do feel that I need to find my focus now though – even if that is drawing up a plan for the next month or two.  Otherwise I just feel like I’m muddling along without really getting anyway.

Parkrun was fun on Saturday – Halloween fancy dress !  As a child / teenager I didn’t ‘do’ fancy dress – it definitely seems to be more of a thing now than it ever has been.  So Saturday saw me for only the third time that I can remember in fancy dress (this time as a devil!).   It was great fun as quite a few had made the effort to dress up – we must have looked quite a sight running up the cliff top!

This morning’s run was 3.5 miles of thick fog!  I chose the route that meant I could stay on pavements as much as possible (rather than narrow country lanes) and had flashing lights clipped to my shoe, my belt and my arm – along with a pink t-shirt and a hi vis vest !  I’m hoping that was enough……

Here is a picture of my running buddies.20151028_080716

Big news is that I have decided to join a running club !  Forms are printed and I just need to actually turn up at one of the meets now.  It has got me thinking as to why I’m nervous about the whole club thing (particularly when I already know quite a few of them in the club!).  I’ll guess that it is all to do with the feeling that I never quite belong anywhere – that I’m always on the edge of a group, never fully part of it (that I could disappear and no one would notice…..).  I do quite a good job of ‘putting on a face’ when I need to, and can appear confident – how I feel on the inside is often very different.  Maybe it is time that I tried to address this.


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