College Canter Race Report

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So this week I’ve run Mon, Wed, Thurs, Sat & Sunday.  Saturday I volunteered at my local parkrun as tailrunner.  It is the second time I’ve done this and I really enjoy it.  As a friend said ‘it is running and chatting, my two favourite pastimes!’

Parkrun is a really friendly way to get into running with others, so do give it a try if you have one near you.

College Canter 2015

Sunday saw me take part in the Bishop Burton College Canter, organised by Beverley AC.  This is a 7 mile route described on their website as ‘gently undulating’ which follows the horse gallops on the Bishop Burton college campus.

It was a very foggy morning which maybe worked in our favour as we couldn’t see what was coming!  The course consisted of two laps of a loop about 2.5 miles, and then you head off in another direction to loop around the other way and to the finish.  There were about 100 runners, and it is very much a club race – but I didn’t feel out of place being there not as a club member.  Now the first mile and a half is up and down some pretty steep hills, and this has to be repeated for the second lap too – but the thing that tired you out the most was the long grass.  At least by the second lap that was getting well trodden down!  The photo shows the last bit of the first lap where you got a little bit of a breather on a track – on the second lap you turned off before this so stayed on the grass.

I did enjoy this run, but think I’d need to do some more hill and off road training to make it more enjoyable if I was going to do it again.  I finished in 1:05:20 – a time I was very pleased with.

The best bit?  Two bottles of beer and a piece of homemade flapjack that were our reward for completing!


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