My 50th parkrun, new shoes & earphones!

On Saturday I ran my 50th parkrun – all 50 of them have been at Sewerby (nr Bridlington, East Yorks50thparkrunhire).  I started in 2012 with six runs, just four in 2013, but then in October 2014 I decided to go back and stick to it.  I’m so pleased that I did – not only has my running improved, but I’ve met some really nice people in the process.  We seem to find people in general are quick to criticise whatever we are doing – but parkrun has been a refreshing change with others supporting and encouraging your efforts.

My step daughter surprised me with a card on Saturday morning of moments from parkrun 🙂

A great start to a gorgeous sunny day on the coast.

Brooks RavennaSaturday afternoon involved a visit to our nearest Sweatshop for some new running shoes.  I was lucky enough to have been awarded Sewerby parkrun’s monthly prize, so off I went with my voucher.   I had my gait checked again to make sure that I was looking at the right kind of shoes and then asked for them to bring me whatever they would recommend.  After trying on (several times!) about half a dozen pairs I settled on a pair of Brooks Ravenna.  So here they are looking lovely and shiny and new (it won’t last long!) – excuse the puppy paw trying to get in on the picture!  I’ve done a short easy run this morning – just over 3 miles to try to break them in a little.  They do feel different to my old Asics, but felt good.  My legs are a bit achy so I really need to be good with the foam roller and stretching this week to ease those aches away.


I recently bought a new pair of earphones for running, I don’t always listen to music, but like to have the option particularly when running on my own.  I’ve used some cheap ebay ones for the last few years that have the over the ear hooks – at about £4 a pair it didn’t matter that they didn’t last long!  But, fed up with them not fitting quite right, I decided to treat myself to a pair of Yurbuds.  I know I have little ears so specifically found the ones designed for women.

Am very pleased to report back that I love them!  They came with two different sizes of ear bit – the smaller is fine for me.  Put them in (once you get the hang of how they go in it is easy), and they don’t move at all.  I’ve done a few runs in them now and I am very happy with how they perform.  The sound quality is good and you still have some ambient noise so you can hear what is going on around you.


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