The long awaited 100 shirt

Brigham #yorkshire on a beautiful frosty morning

We are certainly well into the new year already.  Hope you are all coping with the weather being thrown at some parts of the UK at the moment !

Had a very exciting moment last week…

The parkrun 100 club ladies tshirts came back into stock !


Now this might not seem exciting to some of you, but I can assure you it was.  I’d waited ten weeks since running my 100th parkrun and it has seemed like an absolute age.  Even better, I ordered and it was delivered pretty quickly in time for Saturday morning (with a treat of a little packet of Haribo – thanks Wiggle).  Now I knew that I wasn’t the only one waiting for one of these shirts, so it had to be worn on parkrun day.

And of course we had to have some photo’s taken to mark the occasion 😉

I’m still struggling with running, but am trying to take the focus off pace and just get out there and run.  I actually love this time of year when we get the beautiful bright, crisp, frosty mornings.  And if we get snow I’m quite happy to go and run in that too.  For the record, I’m not impressed when it is windy, or worse – wet and windy.

I’m trying to lose weight!  We are being alcohol free during the week, but giving ourselves the option for a glass or two of wine on the weekend.  From experience I know that once I get out of the habit I tend to drink less on a weekend too.  I probably won’t have anything on a Friday evening and then a glass or two on a Saturday at the most.  Eating…  like most people I felt my food intake needed an overhaul after Christmas habits.  Snacking is my downfall and I have a very sweet tooth.  My goal is to reduce the snacks, and replace bad snacks with good snacks.  Increase quantity at meal times !  but I don’t mean huge portions here, but lots of veg (not easy for a non veg lover) and protein and a sensible amount of carbs.  A little bit of planning needed to make sure we are having better meals and I’m hoping that this will help me to curb the snacking.  So far this seems to be working and I’ve lost a pound or two this week already.  Now the hard part of sticking to it.

Beautiful Isla that I had the pleasure of cuddling after I’d finished parkrun

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