For the love of trails

It has been a few weeks of trail runs, runs that I love.  They aren’t fast, they aren’t easy, but they are good fun and give a good break from the road running.

We had a good club away run (to break up the monotony of our usual winter route) to Scarborough sea front, to roughly follow the route of the Yorkshire Coast 10k.  It was a nice evening, but windy on the way back made it hard work.  All added up to very much deserving the fish & chips afterwards!


At the beginning of the month we broke from our usual routine to visit another parkrun to meet with a friend who was visiting too.  Humber Bridge parkrun – first visit.  I wasn’t sure how I’d find this, as a three lap course, but actually quite enjoyed it.  Although it is paths, it was pretty wet on our visit hence we finished with mud splashed up our legs – all good fun.  Don’t think I like it as much as Sewerby, but would be happy to come back and run it again.


My OH and I had a very rare free Sunday so what else is there to do but to go for a nice long run (is that normal?!)  We wanted an off road run and thought a return visit to the Hudson Way old railway line would be a good idea.  Ended up with 8 miles of mud and puddles.  Thoroughly enjoyed this run and my OH reminded me that this is why he started running, so that we could have times like this, out in the countryside, not worrying about pace, but just enjoying it.  We were however, very grateful for the dry socks and shoes in the car along with old towels to sit on and stop the mud clarting the car seats!

This weekend the weather was not conducive to a leisurely run hence we decided on a few miles from home with the dogs.  It was very windy and raining, muddy underfoot.  The picture show the dyke we had to cross, that I failed and ended up with my feet dangling in the water whilst laid on the bank.  Oh well, all good fun!


Valentine’s Day today.  It is also club night.  Which means that we will be spending our evening out on a club head torch run (the advantages of both enjoying running!).

Do you share your passion for running with your OH?



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  1. Love trails, love running with my OH too, we just can’t manage it due to our little one. Also, that group headtorch run looks fun, might see if my club will set one up.


    1. Definitely hard work when you have childcare to consider too. Last night was a club head torch run – great fun, 7 miles down tracks and across fields in the dark and mud. Loved it !

      Thanks for reading 🙂

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