The Hornsea Triangle Trail run

18156996_10211765215822408_473294124944461009_nI’m always looking for new routes to try, as close to home as possible for convenience, which lead me to look on my local council website where they have a section for walks – showing routes, with distance and descriptions.  Really useful!  I saw this route quite a while ago but hadn’t had the chance to go and run it until the Bank Holiday weekend.

Sunday morning found me and my OH heading off to the nearest point of the route to us to find somewhere to park and set off.  We’d decided that Seaton would be a good place to start, so that is where we headed – hadn’t even got out of the car and OH realised he’d forgotten his watch.  Oh well, that’ll be one that isn’t on his Garmin stats then!

The old railway line

Just a couple of hundred metres on the road before we took a public footpath across a grass field (full of sheep and lambs at this time of year) and made our way towards the Wassand Estate where we picked up a public bridleway.  This part of the route was on rough track with quite a few gates to go through.  We missed our turning (the footpath sign wasn’t good!), but soon realised and picked up the path again which unfortunately for me lead into a field with bullocks in.  Now those that know me, know that I don’t like cattle.  I’m scared of them.  I was chased a few years ago by a cow whilst out walking and I now really don’t like going into fields where there are cattle.  However we were already a good way across the field (diagonally – the worst obviously!) before we saw them, so we just had to carry on.  My OH jokes that it was the fastest I ran on the whole route, but I really am scared!

Can you spot the cattle?!  I was scared….

We finally came to the little church at Goxhill, that I’d never seen before.  It is a lovely little church and we’d timed it just as they were ringing the bell for morning service.  After a quick photo stop we were onto a short road section until we found the old railway line (Hull to Hornsea) that we followed all the way to Hornsea.  If you’ve never found an old railway line to run on, they are generally very good – straight, flat, fairly sheltered routes.


We had the choice of two different routes to get back to the car from Hornsea – through the town and along the road and then footpath to the North of the main road, or off road just to the south of the mere.  We decided off road was the best choice so set off again.  It was beautiful!  A great route near the mere and then through some more fields (luckily empty!) back to the Wassand estate.  We then had a bit of an extra road loop to make the run up to 8 miles.

Hornsea Mere


It was a glorious day (need to find the sun cream if we have another day like this out running!), the route was fab and we thoroughly enjoyed the very relaxed run.  This for me is what running is about 🙂



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