2019 The Truth!

So did I do it? My main running goal that I set this time last year was to run 1000 miles in the year. I’d not achieved this in 2018, so could I do it on my second attempt…

Yes I did!

I’ve been far more consistent right from the beginning to ensure that I didn’t get behind and leave myself with too much to make up towards the end of the year – in fact I’d managed to get a little bit ahead, and a good job I did. A holiday in November meant that I didn’t run anywhere near as much as normal for a couple of weeks (I did run when away, but only a couple of short runs as it was SO hot).

Christmas Day 2019 – Beverley Westwood parkrun

  • My 250th parkrun
  • during this run I ran my 1000th mile of the year
  • also during this run I ran my 6000th mile ever run
  • (I’d have loved to have completed it in 25:xx minutes but didn’t manage that!)

You may think that this was excellent planning to get it to all come together, but it really was down to chance!

(Nerdy spreadsheet giving monthly analysis…)

So yes I achieved my main goal, but I’ve missed a few other more general ones though, which will have to carry over for next year.

  • Long runs – I’d hoped to increase my mileage and be getting some really good consistent long runs in – this hasn’t happened. Reason… time and priorities. We just seem to be getting busier on weekends and the long runs haven’t taken priority.
  • Weight – I had managed to lose a bit, then an all inclusive holiday happened, followed by Christmas hence this needs to be dealt with again. We’ve already cut right back on the alcohol and are improving the quality of what is being eaten too (less chocolate, more veg…).
  • Pace – I feel like this has dropped right off this year therefore am making this one of my goals for 2020. I haven’t done much tempo / interval training and can tell.

Overall I’m actually pretty damn pleased with myself, that I’ve actually done the miles I set out to do despite the usual challenges life throws at us. I am busier than I ever have been, travel far more than I ever have, but have still managed to do it.

2020 Goals / targets / aims, whatever you want to call them

  • Long runs – increase the length of comfortable long runs
  • Weight – get rid of it
  • Pace – get quicker
  • Upper body strength – improve

I’m purposely not setting a mileage target this time 😉
Feel like I’ve made a good start to the pace goal with New Year’s Day parkrun, run at Humber Bridge where we only found out it was an alternative course when we got there, nearly missed the start as we needed to park elsewhere and had a good warm up running the half a mile from the car to get to the start just in time. The warm up obviously did me good though as I finished in 26:51, which on a slightly long course (done on purpose to protect the course records on the usual course) gave me an average pace of 08:21 min/mile – quicker than many of my runs recently.

What are your goals for 2020? any random ones?!

Pushing hard to the finish of Humber Bridge parkrun on New Year’s Day
Selfie time with the Humber Bridge after the run

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