At last, a run that felt good.

At last, a run that felt good. A run where I finally felt like I was getting back towards where I was before falling and injuring my quad.

Morning runs are good, it suits me.

7am Tuesday morning, dressed, a quick drink of water to take my morning meds and then find the waist belt and dog harness to head out for a run. I’ve always loved running with my dogs and now the eldest can’t run anymore the runs with the younger one are all the more special. I’d planned to run my usual route of just over 3 miles (still slightly sore from the weekends running and the dumbbell workout I did Monday) and just wanted to run to feel comfortable, not aim for any specific pace. It was good. We set off pretty steady, and each mile just got quicker. No headphones on, just enjoying the time out with Jake in the countryside. I didn’t take any pictures, so these are from other runs.

The quickest pace since injury. A happy run.


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