Club running

Here I am again, and hopefully in a brighter frame of mind today J   November is over, and my training stats look like this:

  • I ran 14 times
  • 6 miles
  • 1 hours

So a massive drop from what I had been doing!  Is this a bad thing?  I don’t think so.  I think my mind and body needed a bit of time out and I’m now getting itchy feet and wanting to get back to it a bit more.  This will hopefully give me the motivation I need through the cold, dark days, when it is harder to get out and run.

I’ve had a few good runs the last week or so, but due to other commitments had to miss club running last week.  This week was a joint run with another club – just over 7 miles run in unfamiliar territory.  I’m still struggling with evening running (I much prefer mornings!) but otherwise enjoyed the run.

It did bring to light some interesting points though.  As a very new member of a running club I wasn’t quite sure how club runs work.  The club I joined has a system when out that the faster runners periodically loop back to the slower ones – this means that the group doesn’t get too strung out and no one is left on their own – nor have the feeling that they need to run faster than they are comfortable with.  I’ve really enjoyed this, and it has really made me feel part of the group.

The group we ran with this week works in a different way – the fast group set off and the group I ended up losing sight of them within the first mile.  Didn’t see them again till the end of the run.  Talking to some of the other members this is the normal way for them – no one loops back for others, so you have to find someone to run with and keep up, or run on your own.

Not having much to compare too, I definitely prefer they way the club I joined does it!


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