Rows and long runs

Well what a week.

I really found that last week’s bad long run had knocked my confidence.   I very nearly didn’t go to club run on Tuesday night – my OH was away so it meant going on my own so I could very easily have not bothered.  But a bit of a stern talking to myself and off I went.  I knew that I needed a steady run and I was not in the mood to push hard.

And then, the reasons for being a member of a club and not running solo all the time showed themselves.  One of the girls fell into step with me and we chatted for pretty much all of the 5.5 miles.   We weren’t fast, but we weren’t slow – and it was just what I needed.  So thank you Sarah, for taking the time to talk to me, it was very much appreciated 🙂

This week’s training:

  • Monday – 3 miles
  • Tues – 5.5 miles club
  • Wed – Rest day
  • Thurs – 3.1 miles
  • Fri –  Rest day
  • Sat – 3.1 miles – parkrun
  • Sun – 10 miles

That is a pretty packed week training wise for me, I normally run four times rather than five times a week.  Both the three mile runs during the week were pretty steady though as it was frosty again.  I pushed more than I have been at parkrun, and it just shows how far I have to go to get back to pb form.

For Sunday’s long run I decided to run alone.  Between joining the club and running with my OH all of my long run’s recently have been in company.  I decided that to get my confidence back I needed to go out on my own and just see how I got on.  Yet again it was raining and windy, but off I went, with my camelbak on and flapjacks stashed.  Very pleased to say that I did manage 10 miles and was able to pick the pace up by 30 secs per mile for the last two miles.  It has certainly gone some way to restoring my confidence.

Sewerby Hall
The start line of Sewerby parkrun.  A fab multi terrain route.

So what is the plan for this week?

Well, Monday was supposed to be a rest day, but after a row with the teenager in the house I just had to get out.  So last night was a fast 5k (quicker than I’d run parkrun on Sat!) in the dark.  My head needed it, but I’m not sure it was the best way to recover from 10 miles on Sunday……..  Do you use running for moments like this?  I’m finding the teenage years pretty hard to navigate do definitely use running as a stress relief.

Club run again tonight, and then it will be a fairly easy week running up to Sunday’s Dalton Dash 10k!


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